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Attorney Profiles at Eisner Gorin LLP
Eisner Gorin LLP

The firm's top-A.V. rated attorneys have more than 50 years experience in defending cases in state and federal court, with many successful results. Alan Eisner, who has been practicing criminal law exclusively since 1987, is State-Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. Alan also has extensive experience in federal criminal defense. His federal expertise has been recognized for many years, as a result of which he has been appointed to the Federal Bar Panel in the United States District Court . Dmitry Gorin is Former Senior Deputy District Attorney, and has worked in the criminal justice system since 1993. He serves as an Adjunct Law Professor at UCLA and Pepperdine University School of Law. He has also has been published numerous times and regularly lectures in the area of trial communications, constitutional rights, sentencing, and grand jury investigations

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  • Alan Eisner

    Alan Eisner  Van Nuys, California (818) 781-1570 (818) 788-5033 Email Me  Alan Eisner has practi...

  • Dmitry Gorin

    Dmitry Gorin is a licensed attorney, who has been involved in criminal trial work and pretrial li...

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