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Los Angeles Fraud Crime Defense Attorney

White-collar crimes usually involve business and professional people who have made poor decisions.

Because the evidence of white collar crimes is often complex financial documents, it can be difficult determining who is criminally responsible, and authorities may accuse an innocent person. 

These investigations often come to light prior to the government even being apprised by the victim.    We can often intercede and prevent the case from being referred to the government for criminal prosecution. 

Many of these cases are filed in federal court and the stakes are very high. 

Experienced White Collar Crime Attorneys

At Eisner Gorin LLP, a Southern California criminal defense law firm, our white-collar crime attorneys are tenacious negotiators and fierce litigators who can handle complex, voluminous evidence. They have had many years of criminal law experience.

Alan Eisner has exclusively practiced criminal defense since 1987. Alan is a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law and has represented numerous white-collar clients in federal and state courts.

Types of California White Collar Crimes

Our white collar crime lawyers aggressively defend our clients charged with or being investigated for a white collar crime. Some possible white collar crimes include the following:

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California Law Offices of Eisner Gorin LLP If you or a loved one has been charged with or are being investigated for a white collar crime, please contact us.  Our law offices are conveniently located in Van Nuys, California, across the street from the court house.

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