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Federal Crimes – Defending Major Federal Cases in all 50 States

With more than 50 years criminal defense experience, Eisner Gorin LLP has the highest AV-rating for lawyers, and is a "Preeminent Defense Firm" having been named a top 5% law firm in the United States by Martindale-Hubbell.

We have had tremendous results in defending federal cases throughout the United States, and have strategic alliances with law firms in the 50 states. We appear almost daily in the Central District of California, the United States District Court in Los Angeles, and are frequently appointed by local federal judges to represent criminal defendants. Attorney Alan Eisner is recognized as a federal criminal defense expert, having been named to the Federal Defense Panel by the Central District Court.  He had defended cases in federal court for over ten years, helping clients with Grand Jury investigations, on bail issues, in pretrial litigation, and in jury trial work. Our firm's federal practice areas are briefly summarized below.

Assisting Clients with Grand Jury Investigations before an Indictment

You need experienced counsel to represent you, before an indictment is issued by a Grand Jury. You need experienced counsel to represent you, before you have to appear as a Defendant in Court. We rely on our skills and experience negotiating with federal prosecutors to minimize negative consequences to our clients. Talk to us before you talk to the feds! Talk to us before you are subpoenaed to appear in front of the Grand Jury

Often people who are unprepared to testify in front of the grand jury are indicted, and face severe penalties. The United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines carry great weight with the federal courts. We have extensive experience working within the Guidelines to obtain successful outcomes for our client. We work with private probation officers to obtain presentencing reports that focus on the mitigation in the case, our clients' entire background including any childhood issues, and any exculpatory evidence.

Our Federal Practice Areas

We provide strong and effective legal representation in all federal criminal cases, such as charges of fraud, internet crimes, corruption, large drug quantities, money laundering, RICO, bank robbery, and the following areas of criminal defense:

Federal Drug Crimes

We represent individuals charged with large-scale drug possession, drug trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, and conspiracy to import drugs We ensure that government agents follow all constitutional requirements in any search of your property, including canine (K-9) searches. The quantity and purpose of drug possession, such as possession for sale rather than possession for use, often determines the range of punishment. Our areas of practice include

  • Club Drugs - MDMA (ecstasy), LSD, and GHB (date rape drug)
  • Cocaine and crack cocaine
  • Conspiracy
  • Drug cultivation and manufacturing
  • Drug trafficking, transportation, smuggling, and importation
  • Heroin possession and sales
  • Marijuana possession and sales
  • Methamphetamine manufacturing and sales
  • Possession of chemicals for drug manufacturing
  • Possession with intent to deliver and drugs sales
  • False or forged prescriptions
  • Police sting operations
  • Civil and Criminal Forfeiture

White Collar Crimes

Many ordinary Americans make bad judgments because they have access to large amounts of money that is not their own. Financial pressures due to high credit card debt, hospital bills, or a gambling addiction, for example, can result in an arrest for a white collar crime, such as embezzlement, property theft, wire fraud, or mail fraud. We may be able to get a pre-indictment settlement of the case for clients who agree to pay restitution. Further, we have also helped businesses, contractors, and other professionals accused of the following crimes

Healthcare Fraud

As health care becomes an increasingly prevalent concern, more lawsuits are filed against health care providers. Meanwhile, laws pertaining to such lawsuits are constantly changing. Any health care provider accused of fraud must hire the best defense attorneys available or risk losing their business too. We assist healthcare companies and professionals, in the following areas:

Internet Crimes

To provide our Internet crime clients the strongest defense against charges of online  fraud or other internet related charges, we work together with computer forensic experts. They know, as we do, that manipulation and morphing of computer evidence by law enforcement investigators cannot be ruled out. When federal or state law enforcement pursues suspects through falsification of their own identities, we evaluate the circumstances: was illegal entrapment involved in the investigation?  We have assisted clients in the following internet-related cases:

  • Internet identity theft
  • Sale of illegal products, such as illegal drugs
  • Internet gambling
  • Work-at-home schemes
  • Hacking allegations
  • Copyright violations

Child Pornography

One of the fastest growing areas of prosecution in federal court, child pornography offenses often carry mandatory minimum prison sentences. If images were transmitted electronically to even one other person, federal prosecutors will threaten to charge you with child porn trafficking, which carries harsher sentences than child pornography possession.

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