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The top-ranked criminal defense attorneys at Eisner Gorin LLP, are dedicated to getting the best possible outcomes for our clients. We really listen to our clients at a time when few people stop to hear their side of the story.

Many of our clients don't have a lot of money to pay for an expensive lawyer. With years of experience in the criminal justice system in Los Angeles, California, we're able to deliver a hard-hitting defense in a cost-effective manner. If you're seeking an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will work diligently to protect your rights, contact the law office of Eisner Gorin LLP.

We get results for our clients.

We invite you to review some of our representative cases from just the last year of aggressive courtroom work and pre-filing intervention. Also, view what our clients have had to say about the service we provided. We have criminal defense success weekly on behalf of clients facing felony or misdemeanor charges. Below are recent examples.

Examples of Court Victories | DUI Victories

Eisner Gorin LLP is a criminal law boutique in Southern California with more than 50 years criminal defense experience. We have attained the highest A.V.-Preeminent U.S. Lawyers rating from the most recognized North American attorney-screening services, Martindale-Hubbell and Lexis-Nexis.


We continue to achieve tremendous results for our clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges in state, federal, and juvenile courts. As former prosecutors, we have a balanced and in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system, having established professional relationships with other defense attorneys, law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, and judges throughout Southern California. W e work tenaciously for our clients until a courtroom victory is achieved realizing that every case is resolved based on its own unique facts and circumstances. We strive to focus the courts, law enforcement, and prosecutors on the mitigation and exculpatory evidence which we present regarding our clients.

Criminal Law Victories | DUI Victories

Please review the following examples of our courtroom successes:

Robbery Acquittal – Los Angeles Superior Court, LAX

Our client was charged with multiple counts of robbery with a firearm at a fast food restaurant. Client was seen at the drive through window of the restaurant subsequent to the incident, his license plate was taken down, and detectives placed his photograph in a six-pack photographic lineup. Client was positively identified as the culprit by four employee/victims and was facing 17 years in prison. The defense employed an eyewitness identification expert at trial and we demonstrated the suggestiveness of the photographic six-pack, the suggestiveness of the procedures used by law enforcement, the discrepancies in the description of the suspect, and lack of corroborative evidence against the client. Our client was acquitted of all counts after a five-day jury trial.

Fred and David, Thank you for being so helpful and supportive right now. I am confident that I have my own “dream team” to get me through this. I know you will do the best you can with what you got and I am optimistic about the outcome. I am dedicated to making things “right” so please let me know if there is anything further I can do or if you need any more I information. Although the circumstances behind me meeting you weren't ideal, I am very thankful and appreciative you are both helping me through this. ~ N.C.

Domestic Violence Dismissal- Van Nuys Superior Court

Our client was charged with spousal battery against his ex wife, as well as a probation violation. The case was negotiated effectively and the District Attorney dismissed the case. At the violation hearing where the complaining witness was cross examined, the court found there was no violation and reinstated probation for our client.

Assault & Battery Acquittal – San Fernando Superior Court

Our client was charged with assault and battery in a family dispute. Both the victim and witness testified that the client hit, kicked, and pushed the victim, causing multiple injuries. We demonstrated that the victim and witness had financial motives, and brought in medical records of victim showing pre-existing injuries, and a history of dizziness and loss of balance. Our client was acquitted after a four-day jury trial.

David … and a stroke of Luck! Many “Thanks” for all your support – you helped me save Allie's life! Forever Grateful,

~ C. B.

3-Strikes Acquittal – Pasadena Superior Court

Our client was charged in a Three Strikes prosecution with assault and robbery and faced life in prison, but was acquitted after a five day jury trial.

Thank you so much for taking care of our problem!

~ Mr. and Mrs. W.

DUI Dismissed – Newhall / San Fernando Superior Court

Our client was charged with driving under the influence (DUI). We challenged the legality of the stop by law enforcement during pretrial motions, arguing there was insufficient probable cause to stop our client's vehicle. The Judge agreed and the case was dismissed prior to trial at this pretrial motion.

I can't thank you enough for your professionalism, help and support. We will always be grateful.

~ B., and R.A

Probation for Embezzlement – Los Angeles Superior Court

Our client was charged with embezzling over $200,000 dollars from her employer. We negotiated a sentence of probation with the client required to pay restitution. She is now home with her family.

Thank you for all your help with Chad's case. We are very grateful for all you did. Chad has been doing his Hollywood beautification and keeping out of trouble. He's coaching a Little League team and working, so things are going well. We appreciate everything you did for us.

~ C.B.

Drug Case Dismissed – Central District of California, Federal Court

Our client was charged with purchasing pseudo-ephedrine in mass quantities for the purpose of transportation and resale. He was facing 40 years in prison. DEA agents entered his home after obtaining his consent by claiming they were earthquake inspectors. We challenged the legality of the entry, search of our client's home and seizure of property on the grounds that consent was obtained unlawfully. The U.S. District Court Judge agreed and suppressed the contraband, resulting in dismissal of the entire case.

7 Felony Counts (including Assault with a Firearm, Felony Threats, Probation Violation for Drugs and Domestic Violence) – Van Nuys Superior Court

Client faced over 30 years in the state prison, multiple strikes, along with three years for probation violation. Pled no contest to one charge of non-strike offense of domestic violence – to be out in 9 months after plea.

Robbery & Assault Dismissal – Pasadena Superior Court

Our client was charged with robbery and assault. His vehicle license plate was taken down at the crime scene and he was positively identified as the culprit by two complaining witnesses from a photograph. Our case involved witnesses proving our client's whereabouts at the time of the alleged crime. Our investigation was presented to the District Attorney and the case was dismissed prior to trial.


I can't remember a time that I was so happy than this morning. I am so grateful to you. I can't say that it has not been a struggle every the step of the way for many years. My dad and mom are loving life again. Now my goal is to go after better jobs where I feel stability and security. I'll just use these 5 years as a huge learning experience.


Involuntary Manslaughter, Time Served - Van Nuys Superior Court

Our client was charged with murder after leading police on a high-speed chase that ended in a crash that killed a pedestrian. We had an expert review the chemical test obtained from the client and an engineer review vehicle speed at the time of the accident. At the first trial, our client was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter. The case was reversed on appeal. On retrial, our client was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and was released from custody for time already served.

Domestic Violence Not Guilty – Van Nuys Superior Court

Our client was charged with spousal battery against a long-time girlfriend. We presented the jury with percipient and character witnesses. Our client was found not guilty after jury trial.

Thank you for all your hard work, and may you help others the way you helped me. Again, thank you.

~ D.M.

Marijuana Possession Dismissed – Foltz Criminal Courthouse, Los Angeles Superior Court

Client was charged with possession of marijuana for personal use. Case dismissed pursuant to settlement negotiations with city attorney's office.

Marijuana Possession while Driving – Malibu Court

Client stopped speeding, with DUI symptoms, and drugs in the car. Client pled no contest to infraction and all other charges dismissed.

Rape – Prefiling Intervention – LAPD Investigating

Client accused by a co-worker of date rape and rape by intoxication. Immediate intervention with investigating detective and background information about our client and alleged victim. District Attorney rejected case for prosecution.

Child Molestation – Prefiling Intervention – Sylmar Juvenile Court

Client accused of child molestation by young cousin. After immediate intervention with LAPD and District Attorney, the case was rejected for prosecution. Therapy obtained for our client in lieu of criminal charges.

Domestic Violence – Newhall Court

Client accused of domestic violence. Client pled no contest to infraction, and all domestic violence charges dismissed.

Child Abuse – Burbank Court

Client accused of child abuse by troubled 14-year daughter. All charges dismissed and client released from custody.

First Time DUI-Newhall Court

Client drove with .10/.11 blood alcohol. Client pled no contest to reckless driving, all alcohol-related charges dismissed.

Sincere thanks for all you've done. Thank you so much.

~ P.F.


Thank you for your work in court, and getting me out of custody.



Thank you for contacting law enforcement immediately, to keep me out of custody.


Insurance Fraud Dismissed – Los Angeles Superior Court

Our client was charged with grand theft on charges that he staging a break-in of his own rug company, took valuable inventory, and falsely reported losses to his insurance company. After five day jury trial the judge dismissed the case on defense motion.

Thank you for all your hard work, and may you help others the way you helped me. Again, thank you. ~ D.M.

Juvenile Weapons Possession – No Charges Filed – Sylmar Juvenile Court

Our client was arrested at his high school after school authorities received his consent to search his car and found a knife-like object. We contacted the arresting agency and the District Attorney's office immediately, presenting character testimonials and probing the legality of police conduct. The District Attorney's office decided not to file a case.

I just wanted to write and thank you for everything you have done for me. It is only now beginning to sink in what a miracle you and God pulled off on my behalf. I think I was so caught up in my own personal drama that I didn't appreciate what a difference you made for my life and my future. I want you to know that every minute of every day when I am out there hugging my sons or playing with my dogs or watching the sun set into the ocean I will be thanking you and God for your help and support. I pray God's blessing on you and your family.

~ L.B

Child Abuse Dismissal – Ventura County Superior Court

Our client was charged with child abuse and assault leading to great bodily injury to his teenage son. DCS had investigated the case and the District Attorney filed charges. We investigated the case and were able to convince the District Attorney that no crime had been committed. On the day the case was set to go to jury trial, the District Attorney dismissed all charges.

911 Call Case Dismissed – Los Angeles Superior Court

Our client was charged with disconnecting the phone while his girlfriend was trying to call 911. This type of charge is a "wobbler", meaning it could be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. Although there had been a prior sheriff's visit to the home, we were able to get the case filed as a misdemeanor. Although we provided the District Attorney with statements from the girlfriend and another witness that our client did not know she was calling 911, the case proceeded to jury trial. However, the District Attorney then dismissed the case, stating that he could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

DUI Suspension Set Aside – DMV Hearing

Our client was in a serious traffic accident with injuries and had a blood-alcohol level of .25. Our client's driver's license suspension was set aside at the DMV hearing when the Department could not prove when the driving had occurred.

Thank you for caring and being there for me when I needed you.

~ J.O.

Burglary Prosecution Rejected for Mental Health Issues – San Fernando Superior Court

Our client was arrested for residential burglary. He had a history of mental illness and resided in another state. Our criminal defense attorney was able to present evidence of the mental problem to the LAPD and the District Attorney's office so that the burglary charges were rejected and the client did not have to come back to California.

Thank you very much for today. I look forward to getting this expunged from my record. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you once again.

~ Alex

  • Sex offense dropped

    Sex offense charges were dropped at the preliminary hearing for the client after the presentation of defense evidence and cross-examination. Van Nuys Courthouse Read On

  • Informal prosecutorial program

    An ivy-league student facing fake ID and a minor in possession allegations, following criminal citation, obtains an informal prosecutorial program. No formal charges were filed incourt. Read On

  • Felony domestic violence dismissed

    A social media personality facing a domestic violence felony arrest has the case dismissed without charges in court after the presentation of defense evidence. Long Beach Superior Court. Read On

  • Domestic violence charges dropped

    Domestic violence charges dropped against an attorney following a year-long investigation. The alleged victim was a peace officer. The firm's timely intervention was critical. Santa Clarita Superior Court. Read On

  • Judicial diversion

    Judicial diversion following reduction of case to a misdemeanor following a felony car theft arrest. Our client will have a complete dismissal after completing community service. Inglewood Superior Court Read On

  • Embezzlement case resolved

    An embezzlement case was resolved without formal charges in court after the presentation of defense evidence. Glendale Court. Read On

  • No charges in sex offense investigation

    Sex offense investigation against a professor closed without formal charges after firm intervention and presentation of defense evidence. LAX Court Read On

  • Sex offenses handled informally

    Sex offenses are handled informally through an office hearing, without the filing of charges in court, for a music producer. Van Nuys Court. Read On

  • Felonies reduced to one misdemeanor

    Numerous felony fraud charges against a police officer were reduced to one misdemeanor, ultimately expunged. Los Angeles Downtown Courthouse Read On

  • Child abuse charges dropped

    Child abuse charges dropped after informal DA Diversion and completion of treatment classes. San Fernando Court. Read On

  • Weapons and drug case dismissed

    A case involving illegal possession of weapons and drugs results in full dismissal due to a violation of the client's rights. Los Angeles Downtown Courthouse Read On

  • Informal DA diversion

    A felony domestic violence charge pending at the preliminary hearing results in informal DA diversion, leading to dismissal after completion of treatment classes. LAX Courthouse Read On

  • Mental health diversion

    Mental health diversion resulted in a dismissal for a doctor facing misdemeanor sex crime allegations and 290 registration. Orange County Superior Court. Read On

  • Murder charged dropped

    A murder charge was dropped at the preliminary hearing following the presentation of defense witnesses and a mental health expert regarding the client's PTSD. LAX Courthouse Read On

  • Large white-collar crime

    Large white-collar crime, with alleged 100+ million loss, pending in multiple federal jurisdictions. The firm secures the release of the main defendant in the indictment after months of litigation.  New Jersey-Oklahoma-California District Courts. Read On

  • Case Dismissed for Unlawful Search - Court Granted Motion to Suppress Evidence - Los Angeles Superior Court

    Eisner Gorin LLP earned a great victory for the Fourth Amendment after a Judge held that officers had no legal justification to enter our client's car to search for the registration after the vehicle stop. In so holding, the court granted defendant's motion to suppress a firearm recovered inside ... Read On


    Previously convicted of domestic violence in another jurisdiction, our client was arrested on felony domestic violence charges. Prosecutors filed Criminal Threats charges against our client. After we announced ready for trial, and reviewed problems of proof with the prosecution, the case was dism... Read On


    Client was charged with abducting own children overseas causing an arrest warrant to be issued in 1993. Warrant was recently recalled and case dropped after we conducted an investigation and presented exculpatory evidence to the prosecutor's office. Read On


    While on probation for a drug case in Riverside, Client arrested on a new case in Los Angeles facing multiple felony counts including possession for sale of drugs, transportation, possession of sawed-off shotgun. Client received probation in the L.A. Case, and was reinstated on her Riverside case... Read On


    We were able to get client released on his own recognizance after drug arrest, and convinced the judge and prosecutor to dismiss the prior strike convictions. Client was allowed to complete a Deferred Entry of Judgement program. Upon successful completion, the case will be dismissed. Read On

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