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California Proposition 47 Lawyer

Petition to Reduce Felony Offense to Misdemeanor

Any person who have one of the listed felony offenses under Proposition 47, as detailed below, may contact our law office for assistance in reducing their felony offense to a misdemeanor.

Types of Criminal Offenses That Qualify

On November 4, 2014, Californians resolutely voted into effect Proposition 47, an important measure for bringing fairness to sentencing in our criminal justice system. Under Proposition 47, several statutes were enacted that reduced crimes that were previously felonies to misdemeanors. These crimes include commercial burglary for under $950, forgery for under $950, nonsufficient funds checks for under $950, grand theft for under $950, receiving stolen property for under $950, “petty with a prior” under certain circumstances, and most drug possessions.

Not only did Proposition 47 reduce these offenses for future offenders, but it permits all those who have been convicted, including those who have already served their sentence, to have their offense deemed a misdemeanor under the new Penal Code section 1170.18.

Types of Criminal Offenses Excluded

Whether an offense is reducible to a misdemeanor does depend on the particular criminal history of the individual. A prior conviction of a sexually violent offense, certain additional sexual offenses (including any that require registration under Penal Code section 290), any homicide offense, assault with a machine gun on a peace officer or firefighter, possession of a weapon of mass destruction, or any serious and/or violent felony offense that can be punished by life imprisonment or death in California will prevent the above-listed offenses from being reduced to a misdemeanor.

Contact Our Law Firm

If you have previously been convicted of any of the above-listed offenses and do not have a prior conviction as previously described, contact Eisner Gorin LLP at 877-781-1570 so that we may assist you in petitioning for the removal of the felony conviction from your record. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for the reduction, we are happy to look into that for you.

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