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Facing Prison Time on Drug Charges?

If you're facing criminal charges for possession, possession for sale, trafficking, manufacture, transporting, sales, meth, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, rock cocaine, heroin, pills.

Don't talk to the police first!

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You have the right not to talk to the police. If you think you're a suspect or you've been charged with a serious drug crime in state or federal courts, let us do the talking for you. Anything you say is likely to get you deeper into trouble, even if you're innocent—especially if you're innocent.

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The Los Angeles drug charge defense attorneys at Eisner Gorin LLP, have a combined 50 years of courtroom experience and credentials. Our years of work in the Southern California criminal courts have earned our attorneys a reputation for integrity and quality legal representation. We also have close proximity to the police station and the prosecutor's office (we're right across the street from the Van Nuys courthouse).

Our aggressive, immediate representation pays off in successful results for our clients. Our law firm has handled all types of state and federal cases and has a long history of success. Early intervention into your drug case by our law firm can be crucial to the outcome.

If you're facing a drug charges that meet strike offense criteria or have prior drug sales convictions, let us negotiate with police and prosecutors on your behalf. Immediate intervention can show the prosecution that their case is weak, getting felony charges bumped down to misdemeanor charges or even getting the entire case rejected for prosecution. Do not let the police or prosecutor / DA control what happens.

Our aggressive investigative and defense tactics can pave the way for reduced sentencing and alternative sentencing options, such as diversion to drug rehab under Proposition 36, house arrest with electronic monitoring, or probation with drug testing.

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If you are facing criminal drug charges, don't talk to the police first. Talk to us.

Call toll-free at 877-781-1570 for a prompt response, 24/7. We speak English, Russian, Armenian, Spanish, Farsi, and Hebrew.

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We speak English, Russian, Armenian, and Spanish.

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