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As a multi-year recipient of the title, "Pre-eminent" Top 5% Law Firm in the United States, according to the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell review, our Firm Partners will vigorously defend your case in Glendale. Our extensive experience of over 50 years has allowed us to study the process and the procedures of the Glendale District Attorney and the Glendale Police Department to find weaknesses in their operations. This allows us to present a very robust defense for your case, and work towards reducing bail and preventing the charges from being filed altogether in the Glendale Courthouse.

The Glendale Courthouse is located in the North Central District of Los Angeles County. The address of the court is 600 East Broadway, Glendale, California, 91206, a short drive from our Local Office. Here are some additional City of Glendale resources:

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We have an office in Glendale, next to the Courthouse, where we are available by appointment only:

Directions to our Glendale Law Office 100 North Brand Boulevard #200Glendale, CA 91203

Our Glendale Criminal Defense Attorneys are available now to discuss how we will defend your Drug Crimes, DUI, Sex Crimes, Probation Violation, Theft & Fraud, Juvenile Crimes, Violent Crimes, or Bench Warrant charges or other Criminal Offenses. At Eisner Gorin LLP, you will only speak directly with our Firm Partners, not a paralegal or a contract lawyer or a case manager. Contact us immediately so that we can consult on your case, begin to develop a defense strategy, and work to obtain a pre-trial intervention to prevent charges from being formally filed against you. We are available 24/7 to assist you in your case with aggressive representation at the Glendale courthouse. Contact us now at 877-781-1570.

We speak English, Russian, Armenian, and Spanish.

If you have one phone call from jail, call us! If you are facing criminal charges, DON'T talk to the police first. TALK TO US!

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