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The immediate intervention by a skilled Defense Attorney is required as soon as possible after your arrest by the Long Beach Police Department to prevent the Long Beach District Attorney from formally filing charges against you. Once the charges are filed, it becomes more difficult to get the Long Beach District Attorney to drop the case. Our Firm Partners have over 50 years of experience as Criminal Defense Attorneys and have also served in the District Attorney's Office. This has allowed us to study the methodology of the Prosecution from both sides of the Long Beach Courtroom in order to find flaws in their case, and thereby work towards reducing bail, reducing charges, or dropping the charges against you altogether. Our aggressive and immediate defense of our past cases has allowed our Firm to be named as one of the "Pre-eminent" Top 5% of all Law Firms in the United States, by the nationally recognized Martindale-Hubbell lawyer review service.

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Your case is important, so when you contact us, you will deal directly with a Firm Partner, not a contract lawyer (as is the case with some other law firms). We are available 24/7 to defend you against charges of Sex Crimes, Drug Crimes, DUI, Violent Crimes, Theft & Fraud, Juvenile Crimes, Bench Warrants and Probation Violations in addition to other Criminal Offenses at your local courthouse. To speak instantly with our Firm Partners, contact us now at 877-781-1570.

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