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Criminal Record Expungement

We all change with time. Unfortunately, the records of our past don't automatically change with us.

Are you having trouble moving ahead with your life because of an arrest or criminal record?

  • Trouble finding a job?
  • Trouble getting state licensure for a trade or profession?
  • Worried a minor criminal arrest could end your chances of getting a green card or becoming a citizen of the U.S.?

Types of Criminal Expungement

Let the experienced criminal defense attorneys at the law office of Eisner Gorin LLP help you get your criminal record expunged for felony or misdemeanor convictions, get your juvenile criminal record sealed, or get prior strike cases dismissed or reduced.

We get criminal records expunged in all Southern California criminal courts. If your record is expunged you can honestly say on most job applications that you have never been convicted of a crime. Your past criminal record will no longer be a barrier to employment.

  • Expunge a misdemeanor
  • Expunge a felony
  • Seal a criminal record for arrests
  • Seal a criminal record for juvenile offenses
  • Destroy a juvenile record
  • Reduce a felony conviction to a misdemeanor
  • Get a prior strike case dismissed
  • Withdraw a guilty plea
  • Obtain a certificate of rehabilitation
  • Obtain a pardon

If you were denied probation on a felony conviction, you cannot get your record expunged but you may still have options available to minimize the damage of a criminal record. Contact our office to talk to an attorney, or call us toll-free at 877-781-1570.

Our law office is located across the street from the Van Nuys Courthouse, the police station, and the prosecutor's office. With a combined 50 years of legal experience and credentials that few law firms can match, our criminal defense attorneys have helped hundreds of people like you with expungement and sealing of records. Our law firm will review the details in order to let you know how we might be able to help you with an expungement. We can also provide you with information about cleaning up your rap sheet.

If employers aren't talking to you because of your criminal record, talk to us. We speak English, Russian, Armenian, Spanish, Farsi, and Hebrew.

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We speak English, Russian, Armenian, and Spanish.

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