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B.M. Recommends Dmitry Gorin

I have read all trail transcripts. All speeches and questions you have had was a great performance and more important things that you indicated was true, which my intentions from the beginning were to do everything right and legally.

I am proud that you were my council and it was my fault on the sentencing date and my speech. I don't know what I did wrong because on that day I was really tired. There is no doubt that Honorable Judge Hoff is a nice and great man. What did I do which resulted was in the maximum penalty is a big question that always I am asking my self repeatedly.

I know you are an avid golf-player and I will be giving you a bronze masterpieces statue of golf player as a thank you gift. I like this letter and my gift to be a reminder and symbol of my innocence and victim in that case.

I have never forgot your kindness.


– B.M.

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