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Armed Robbery in Los Angeles

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Feb 17, 2009 | 0 Comments

Los Angeles theft crime lawyers will tell you that one of the most serious forms of theft crimes is armed robbery, because it usually involved either some form of violence and/or threats of violence that can add on years to a prison sentence. For example,a group of armed men raided a Harbor Gateway company and stole three shipping containers in a heist authorities suspect may be the latest in a string of cargo thefts by the same group in the Southland, police said Monday. At least five men subdued a security guard at a logistics company, leaving the guard tied and lying face down on the ground. Two of the men, armed with handguns, entered the warehouse through a rear door and the rest drove in through the front with semitrailer trucks, officials said. When a security guard tried to stop the vehicles from entering, the two armed men attacked the guard. Robbery is the crime of seizing property through violence or intimidation, and armed robbery is the use of a weapon while in the course of robbery. In Los Angeles, such a theft crime as grand theft is taking another persons property (valued at $400 or greater) without the persons consent. Many grand theft crimes are considered felonies; which means that the offender can be sentenced with over a year of jail time if convicted. Once a person is convicted a theft crime, he/she may be punished with:

  • imprisonment
  • large fines
  • restitution
  • community service
  • probation
  • parole

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