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As the Economy Falls, Theft Crimes Rise

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Nov 13, 2008 | 0 Comments

In America, the economic challenges have had impacts in all walks of life. When it comes to crime, Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys have found themselves defending more and more alleged theft crime offenders. According to the Federal Government, property theft crimes have falled drastically over the last 30 plus years. However, the current economic crisis is driving more and more people away from stable jobs to acts of desparation.These theft crimes will increase in the specific areas where people have lost, or are losing, their jobs, homes and possessions.A theft crime is a criminal act of taking another individual Tagged as: california criminal laws


Whitney Hein-Unruh (Com Std 17 on December 2, 2008 at 4:39 p.m. wrote: This is a very interesting take on the current economic situation. It is not at all surprising that theft crimes are on the rise as the economy suffers. Unfortunately, people in desperate financial circumstances take drastic and desperate measures. For every wealthy person who engages in shoplifting or theft for the thrill of it (ex. Winona Ryder), there are dozens upon dozens of people who engage in theft because they feel that they have no other choice. While that is no justification for engaging in crime, it is important for those of us more privileged to put a face to and an explanation behind the crime. Tatiana Vardanyan on November 30, 2008 at 11:11 p.m. wrote: It truly is a shame to witness such violent acts of desperation when we should be exercising compassion and altruism helping those who cannot help themselves. I understand the rationale that people are simply doing what they can with as much resources as they have to survive but I strongly believe that relying on the kindness of others and practicing helping behavior ourselves will foster confidence in people and confidence in our current economic condition. Although some individuals may not have the good fortune of relying on the kindness of others, we must all take responsibility into our own hands and pass on the gift of helping. I believe in compassion. Ericka Carlos on November 21, 2008 at 7:58 p.m. wrote: The correlation between the economy and theft isn't surprising. Something that is not made clear in terms of theft rising however, is what exactly is being stolen. The whole argument about 'people stealing to survive' is irrelevant if the items being stolen are for luxury. If it's about survival, i would expect that grocery stores are reporting a increase in inventory loss due to the economic crisis. Is is milk and bread that people are after? It is possible that luxury items are being taken from individuals who intend to sell them for profit (which still does not justify the act), but if it's for their own personal enjoyment, such as stealing an ipod because your financial situation is so tough and you can't survive without your music...that's a whole other story. I am curious as to what the statistical increase in prostitution is, if the case is being made that 'you gotta do what you gotta do.' Araksya Boyadzhyan on November 21, 2008 at 6:33 p.m. wrote: Astronomical unemployment rates coupled with even higher foreclosure rates is a recipe for disaster. It is no surprise that the current troubled state of the economy has produced a great number of nice and hard-working people to do things they never imagined themselves doing. How many times can these people Aida Ter-Khachatryan on November 15, 2008 at 6:34 p.m. wrote: It doesn't surprise me that theft crimes are growing in the US. People cannot afford many things that they once did because of the falling economy. Of course, no one would want their property or belongings stolen, but the truth is that the people that are involved in these crimes are so desperate to make money, they will do anything necessary. I think that a little help from the government and tax decreases may help the situation. Most theft occurs in poor neighborhoods and these are the people that need help the most. If they had enough money to get through the day, less crimes would occur. Phillip Huynh on November 15, 2008 at 2:42 p.m. wrote: I think this is a good explanation into the increasing rates of theft in society. The economy is getting worst and the only way for people to survive is to steal and I think that if the government provided more job opportunities for people that the number of thefts would decrease. People do what they have to in order to survive and I do not blame them. The criminals are probably to the point where they cannot find a job because of the poor economy and they have the mentality to do what is necessary in order for them to survive. I think if law makers make the minimum prison term for theft a little higher, more criminals would be reluctant to commit crimes of theft.

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