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College Athletes and Sexual Assault

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Aug 30, 2010 | 0 Comments

Every time a Los Angeles Sex Crime Defense Attorney represents someone charged with sexual assault, he knows it is going to be a long hard journey towards an acquitlal. The consequences of just being charged with sexual assault is brutal, let alone if you are convicted. To make matters worse, the consequences are not just going to be legal; if you are charged with sexual assault you will face punishment from the law, punishment from friends, peers and community leaders, punishment from your work place and potentially more. A recent example that Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys know happens all too often is that of suspended running back Derrick Washington of Missouri. Washington is a star running back who was charged with sexually assaulting a former tutor over the summer. He is facing a singly felony deviate sexual assault charge. As a result of this charge (not a conviction mind you, but a charge) Washington was suspended and served with a protection order. He has been the leading running back for his college team the last two seasons. As any lawyer knows, this charge, in addition to the arrest of a teammate the day before, will lead to serious legal repercussions, punishment from this school and potentially more. Because Washington is being charged with a felony sex crime, he is not allowed back onto the field until the case is resolved. For any person in Los Angeles, being charged with a sex crime is a serious offense. And, while there are some more acceptable forms of sex crimes, sexual assault is severely punished. If someone picks up a prostitute, or is arrested for indecent behavior, the charge can often be explained away. However, sexual assault is rape, and there is a zero tolerance policy for rape in any form. Tagged as: sex crime accusations

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