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High Profile Los Angeles Drug Offense

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Apr 22, 2010 | 0 Comments

At Kestenbaum Eisner & Gorin, LLP, we have over fifty years of combined experience with all manner of drug crimes, large and small. Our drug lawyers have seen people from all walks of life charged with drug offenses, from high profile celebrities, to politicians, house moms and students. We possess the knowledge, experience and skill necessary to successfully represent anyone charged with possession, distribution, manufacturing or any other Los Angeles drug offense. Recently, a popular singer with the girl band Girlicious was charged with a serious drug offense, and is strongly in need of a Los Angeles Drug Crime Attorney. Natalie Nicole Mejia, a member of the all girl pop group, pleaded not guilty to charges of possession of cocaine with the intent to sell. The charge arose on March 9 during a traffic stop when Glendale police said they found more than a dozen bags of Cocaine in her Guccie purse. Mejia told police that the drugs were not hers and they she did not know how they got into her purse, but she was arrested anyway. The 21 year old Diamond Bar native, Mejia pleaded not guilty to the felony drug charge of possession with intent to sell and was freed on $30,000 bail. As a felony charge, Mejia could be facing 5 years in prison, fines in the thousands and potentially even millions of dollars and much more. This young woman could be facing years in prison and crippling fines if she has a poor Defense Lawyer, even with her fame and money. Her driver was also arrested, and she is alleging that the driver placed the drugs in her purse without her knowledge. However, her Attorney will have to prove this to a judge or jury. If you or someone you love has been charged with a drug offense, contact Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin today by calling 877-781-1570. If convicted of a drug offense, you could be facing years in prison, heavy fines, mandatory meetings, probation and more. Trusting a random attorney or a public defender could be the biggest mistake of your life. Our criminal defense firm has over fifty years of combined experience, and our successful track record speaks for itself. Call us today. Tagged as: los angeles drug crimes defense attorney

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