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Internet Crimes, a Growing Area of Criminal Law

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Sep 08, 2008 | 0 Comments

Over the last fifteen years the Internet has gone from a little known technology to a part of everyday life for most Americans. With that though has come a growing area of criminal law.An internet crime is a criminal act that is committed while using the internet or while on the internet. These crimes are far ranging, the laws can cover anything from luring a minor across state lines for the purposes of sex to online identity theft. Obviously these crimes are quite different. Los Angeles criminal attorneys are often scrambling to deal with the new issues which arise regularly when it comes to Internet crimes.It is important to remember that Internet crimes can either be crimes in the state of California or Federal crimes. Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys also wrestle with that issue on Internet crimes, as states will have different laws, penalties and jurisdictions, making a criminal defense contingent upon who is prosecuting the crime.Here are a few examples of how varied Internet crimes can be for Los Angeles criminal attorneys to defend: - Auction fraud is the most commonly reported crime online, according to the federal Internet Crime Complaint Center, also known as the IC3. And in Los Angeles, an eBay auctioneer was selling fake memorabilia for months. - Law enforcement officials cracked an international ring that tapped customer databases and trafficked in tens of millions of credit card numbers; a researcher uncovered a major flaw that permits hackers to steer some Web surfers to fake versions of popular Websites filled with malicious software; and computer assaults, which some researchers said they had traced back to Russia's state-run telecommunications firms, crippled websites belonging to the country of Georgia. - Money lost in Internet crimes hit a new high last year, topping about $240 million, according to a government report showing increases in scams involving pets, check-cashing schemes and online dating. Tagged as: internet crimes defense

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