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Los Angeles Domestic Violence

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Jun 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

Domestic violence is a serious matter and poses threats to individuals, families and communities. Judges, juries and prosecutors have very little tolerance for such crimes, and often hand down severe penalties for people accused of verbally, sexually or physically abusing a close relation. However, not everyone accused of such a crime is guilty, or worthy of the kinds of severe punishments handed down by courts. In instances where people are falsely accused, or where the prosecution is treating a crime as far more severe than they ought to, a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney is absolutely necessary to provide adequate legal representation. A woman was accused recently of beating, starving and tying up her two small children so she could sleep better at night. This Orange County case involves two counts of child abuse. The woman is being held in a Santa Ana jail in lieu of $100,000 bail, and was ordered booked on charges of willful cruelty to a child and possible injury or death and inflicting injury upon a child. Police were called in by the woman's landlord and found her two emaciated young boys (ages 2 and 5) with bruises all over their bodies, swollen limbs and bumps on their heads. The woman admitted to striking the children (a form of domestic violence), but she allegedly did not think she was hitting them that hard.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Crimes such as these sound brutal, and the press will portray mothers and fathers who commit domestic violence as animals, or unloving monsters. However, as any Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney knows, these stories are often far more complex than any reporter, judge or prosecuting lawyer is willing to admit. When someone is charged with domestic violence, it could be for quite a few reasons:

  • They are guilty of the crime
  • Their spouse is making false accusations due to an argument
  • A neighbor is mistakenly calling the cops on them
  • Somehow drugs are making a person act in ways they would not normally act

These are just some of the reasons these types of crimes happen, and without a skilled Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney to plead your case before a judge or jury, you might simply face jail with no hope of seeing your children again. If you or someone you love is facing domestic violence charges, contact the Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys at Kestenbaum Eisner & Gorin, LLP today by calling 877-781-1570. Tagged as: domestic violence pc 273_5

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