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Los Angeles Murder and the Food Channel

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Dec 13, 2010 | 0 Comments

It is a grim day whenever a person goes away for a violent crime, and many Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys work overtime to make sure that never happens to their client. However, in one case this week, a celebrity chef is going to be spending years behind bars for a violent crime in Los Angeles. Former "Calorie Commando" chef Juan-Carlos Cruz is going to spend up to nine years in prison on a charge of soliciting two homeless men to murder his wife. Such a bizarre crime is odd, even by Los Angeles standards, but has been taken quite seriously by the Los Angeles Superior Court. Cruz pleaded no contest to the crime earlier this year and smiled and winked at wife Jennifer Campbell during his sentencing appearance. Cruz's lawyer said that Cruz will serve half of the nine year term because the crime was not a serious violent felony. Police initially arrested Cruz in May after some homeless men in Santa Monica told police they were offered $500 to kill Campbell. Prosecutors have not released any sort of motive int eh case and both Campbell and the Judge, Shawn Chapman Holley, have refused comment on the case. While this case is incredibly unique, criminal courts in Los Angeles take any sort of violent crime seriously. Cruz is a celebrity, but still faces the full wrath of the law due to the murder charges. While in the past, celebrities have been able to avoid prosecution for certain offenses, it seems the tide is turning. Such celebrities as Phil Spector and DMX have spent quite a bit of time in prison lately because prosecutors are really focusing their attention on avoiding weak sentences for celebrities caught by the law. Even professional athletes who normally get off without so much as a slap on the wrist have been prosecuted and scrutinized heavily by the press and the courts. For those facing arrest or conviction for violent crimes, having a knowledgeable and skilled Defense Attorney working with you can be the difference between years in prison and complete freedom. Having a lawyer who understands the law, the courts and how to properly create the best defense possible is absolutely vital. Violent crimes can lead to decades in jail, years of probation, mandatory counseling and limited career options if you are convicted. Tagged as: violent crimes defense

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