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Summary of New Laws Impacting Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Mar 30, 2010 | 0 Comments

The last few years have seen a major shake up in a number of laws, and this year will be no different. There are a number of new laws that Defense Attorneys want their clients, and the general public, to be well aware of. Some of these laws involved DUI, some involve Theft Crimes, others involve sentencing. However, each of these laws could have a major impact on anyone convicted of a crime. Here is a quick breakdown of new laws handed down by the California State Legislature for 2010: AB 14 – This law states that a car, truck or motorcycle can be declared a “public nuisance" and be impounded for up to 30 days when the vehicle is used for specific crimes such as soliciting a prostitute. AB 58 – It is now an infraction to be involved in a betting pool with less than $2,500 at stake. This is an important law for small poker games, NCAA betting pools and other friendly matches to be aware of. AB 91 – This is a new test program for Los Angeles and other counties which requires an “Ignition Interlock Device" to be installed on the vehicle of first time DUI offenders. AB 532 – This will allow law enforcement to get a search warrant to seize guns from any domestic violence or mental health scare. SB 748 – This forbids anyone from posting the contact information of anyone involved in the Witness Relocation and Assistance Program with the intent to commit a crime. AB 750 – This gives courts the choice to sentence a deferred entry of judgment instead of jail time for minor offenses. AB 962 – This law requires gun sellers to record sales of ammunition and also requires the taking and cataloguing of fingers prints of every gun purchaser. This means that someone convicted of a Los Angeles Drug Crime could be sentenced to rehab instead of going to prison. As you can see, some of these laws can be helpful for a defendant, others can be dangerous, but only with a skilled Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer can someone take advantage of every opportunity to stay out of prison. Some of these laws can radically change the nature of how law enforcement approaches criminals, the accused and ex-convicts. Many of these laws change the way judges can sentence someone convicted of a crime, which is why it is that much more important to haw a lawyer who understands the law and who understands how to best defend someone accused of a crime. Tagged as: los angeles criminal defense attorney

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