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Surprising Culprits of Child Pornography

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Mar 10, 2009 | 0 Comments

Los Angeles is home to the San Fernando Valley, also known as Porn Valley to some. Along with the adult industry comes a highly illegal crime known as child pornography. Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers regularly defend those accused of and charged with child pornography charges. Child pornography (sometimes abbreviated CP) refers to images or films depicting sexually explicit activities involving a child; as such, child pornography is a visual record of child sexual abuse. In the United States, child pornography is illegal under federal law and in all cities and states, including Los Angeles, CA.

Many people have an image of a dirty old man in an overcoat kidnapping little children to make child pornography, but in reality the situation is often much different and much harder to interpret. For example, a former New Jersey lawmaker who once championed bills aimed at fighting child pornography pleaded not guilty Tuesday to child porn and official misconduct charges in his first public appearance since the state began investigating him in July.

A judge determined Neil Cohen is not a flight risk, so he can remain free without bail with restrictions. He's not allowed to "loiter or linger" around playgrounds or schools, have unsupervised contact with children under 16 or use the Internet for purposes other than business.

In Los Angeles, child pornography charges can lead to serious jail time, heavy fines and a permanent place on the sex offense registry for California.

Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers aggressively defend charges of Child Pornography, and have utilized the latest court ruling in California interpreting Penal Code Section 311.11. The ruling states that an individual who possesses multiple images of child pornography on a computer can only be convicted of one count of possessing such images. In other words, if the police recover a computer with multiple images from suspects home, the defendant can only be charged with one criminal violation. Tagged as: child pornography pc 311_11

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