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The Complexity of Child Pornography Cases

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Aug 12, 2008 | 0 Comments

Lindsay, CA, a town roughly 200 miles north of Los Angeles, has an increasingly complex case involving a man accused of viewing child pornography at a public library.The basic details are that, allegedly, then-assistant librarian Brenda Biesterfeld of the Lindsay Library found Donny Crisler viewing images of child pornography on one of the library's computers. Biesterfeld reported it to her superior who allegedly did nothing about it, which led her to report it to the police. After Crisler, who was caught allegedly viewing child pornography, was arrested, it was discovered that he was deaf and dumb. Biesterfeld was fired after the event, which she alleges was because of her actions in reporting the infraction to the police. However, the library alleges the event had nothing to do with her firing.In July, the court ruled that Donny Crisler had to take a psychological evaluation, for which a sign language interpreter is needed. This puts the criminal case against Crisler at a stand still until his ability to competantly participate in his own defense is evaluated.Recently, a member of the California Assembly recently passed a bill through the Assembly Public Safety Committee regarding child pornography which requires offenders convicted of possession of child pornography to register as sex offenders and which expands the list of qualifying offenses permitting offenders convicted of possession of child pornography with prior sex offense convictions to receive enhanced penalties to include all offenses that require registration as a sex offender. Under current law, such offenders DO NOT have to register as sex offenders. Tagged as: child pornography pc 311_11

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