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USC vs. UCLA = Brawl?

Posted by Dmitry Gorin | Dec 06, 2010 | 0 Comments

Every year, millions of people in Los Angeles either attend or watch the classic USC/UCLA football game that divides the city, literally, in half. While the game was not incredibly interesting, the real story is what happened before the game even began. Countless Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys will have to work with people who have been arrested for violent crimes. Dozens of fans were involved in a brawl in the Rose Bowl parking lot in Pasadena before the game, leaving two men stabbed, two police officers with minor injuries and three men under arrest. According to police, an estimated 50 to 75 fans of both schools fought roughly three hours before the game. One person was stabbed in the cheek and another was stabbed in the back during the melee. Both individuals were taken by ambulance to Huntington Memorial Hospital, and their conditions were described as stable. Of the officers who were injured, one was treated for a sprained hand, the other for a sprained ankle. Two men are in need of a lawyer, because police are charging them with violent crimes. The two men are accused by police of stabbing the victims and are being charged on suspicion of attempted murder. They are being held in Pasadena City Jail on $1 million bail, and a third man was arrested for investigation of assault on a police officer. No names were released for the victims or the alleged criminals. The police did not know who or what sparked the brawl, but drinking was involved. It is the first time since 2008 that there were arrests for the rivalry game, but there were no arrests for assault. When a Attorney represents someone charged with a violent crime, he must analyze the issues surrounding the alleged events. People charged with violent crimes often find themselves in circumstances that are quite dangerous. There is a fine line between a violent assault and self defense, and only a skilled Defense Attorney can help you present that difference. Tagged as: violent crimes defense

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